🟨 WoB#1: Rebranding, 5️⃣ steps to prioritize your roadmap, 🎉 newsletter launch date, and more

🟨 WoB#1: Rebranding, 5️⃣ steps to prioritize your roadmap, 🎉 newsletter launch date, and more

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Welcome to this week's edition of 🥃 Whisky on the Blocks, highlighting the latest updates to Blocks Catalog and the best findings for the week.

💬 In this week's issue:

  • 🟨 Official newsletter launch in January
  • 🟥 Block spotlight: Prioritize your roadmap
  • 🟪 Why should engineers participate in Product Discovery?
  • 🟪 Team topologies - how to structure teams for building better software Products?
  • 🟧️️ Alternative to RACI - a decision-making framework

🎉 Official launch in January

Over the last month, I've been gradually inviting people to the newsletter and applying your feedback.

Quite a lot has changed since. Most notably:

  • The brand name and domain have changed from Build10x.team to Product-Blocks.com
  • Blocks catalog will be getting a big update this week - among other things, every practice will contain some useful information on:
    • What is it, in short
    • Why should you care?
    • When is the best time to use it?
    • What’s the effort?
    • Who should be involved?
    • What are some good reading materials if you can't wait for the full guide?
    • What are other best practices connected to it?

I'm pretty happy about where things are, so the friends & family stage is getting to an end. Product Blocks officially launches next week. 🎉

Two things that would help me a lot:

  1. Share Product Blocks with your team on Slack. Show them what the world could look like.
The Best Inc. vs The Rest Inc.
How to build products that customers love by building exceptional product teams.
⬆️ Here's a good article to share.
  1. If you haven't, share some feedback on Product Blocks, I'd love to read it:

🔍 Block spotlight: 🟥 Prioritize your roadmap:

Prioritizing the roadmap is figuring out the best use of team time to build the most impactful things with the lowest effort possible.

A simple prioritization framework

Visit this product block on Blocks Catalog to learn more:

  • Why should you care about prioritization frameworks?
  • What's the simple 5️⃣-step prioritization framework I recommend?
  • Free prioritization template included
  • What are other prioritization frameworks?
  • When to start prioritizing your roadmap?
  • How hard is it to start?
  • Who should be involved?
  • What are other best practices connected to it?

Other kids on the block

Below you'll find recommended readings on that subject:

🗺️ How to Prioritize a Roadmap - A Guide for Product Teams
Prioritizing a roadmap is hard. How often should you refresh? How should it be structured? Here is a three step process used by the best.
10 Product Roadmapping Mistakes to Avoid
Lean how to avoid 10 common product roadmapping mistakes and take full advantage of your product roadmap.
20 Product Prioritization Techniques: A Map and Guided Tour | Blog | Folding Burritos
An in-depth overview of 20 product prioritization techniques and a periodic table to make sense of them all.

And a few more links inside!

🗞️ Other cool stuff

Why Engineers Should Participate in Discovery - Product Talk
Have you heard? My new book Continuous Discovery Habits is now available. Get the product trio’s guide to a structured and sustainable approach to continuous discovery. Are you inviting your […]
The limits of RACI--and a better way to make decisions
Today’s ambiguous business environment requires that organizations consider new approaches to structuring decision-making roles.
How to Structure Teams for Building Better Software Products
Team Topologies

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